Educate.Club is a community marketplace that connects motivated learners, parents and teachers. As an open marketplace, our service is built on trust, and the safety of participants is of the utmost importance to us.

These are the ways we safeguard our community and facilitate learning:


Educate.Club has a code of conduct for teachers, parents and ourselves which you can read about in our Community Standards. We ask that you hold yourself and other Educate.Club participants to these standards.

If you see behavior that goes against these standards, let us know at

Please assume the best intentions in others when something goes wrong and share feedback in a constructive way.


Educate.Club has policies on class content which you can read about here: Class Content Policy. Educate.Club classes should be objective, secular, and age-appropriate. In addition (and we hope this goes without saying), Educate.Club classes may not promote discrimination, hate speech, or violence.

If you find class content that does not adhere to these policies let us know at


Parents are able to post public reviews about classes that their learner has participated in. These reviews are a resource for you to learn more about the class and teacher to help you decide whether to enroll your learner.

When available, reviews are shown on the class page and the teacher profile. The profile includes the bio that the teacher has published, all the classes that they offer, and reviews they have received for any of their classes.


We manually screen teachers and classes and this involves several steps:

  • Application: we screen every teacher for their background, teaching experience, subject matter expertise, and motivation. We also assess their teaching setup.

  • Review classes: every class description is reviewed by our team before it is published. We check for the quality and completeness of the class description, adherence to our Class Content Policy and the relevance of the teacher’s background and experience.

  • Background check: we conduct a DBS background check for identity verification and criminal record checks before a teacher starts their first class.

OUR TEAM performs full DBS checks on its employees.


You, or a responsible adult who you designate, should monitor your learners’ participation in Educate.Club classes. Learners interact with the teacher and other learners over group video chat or by posting and commenting in the Educate.Club classroom.

We’ve compiled useful resource and recommendations on online privacy and safety in our help center.


It's important to us that everyone has a positive experience learning with Educate.Club. If you're dissatisfied with a class, we'll find a way to make it right. See our Happiness Policy in the support center for information for how we do that.


If you have questions or concerns about a class you can send a message to the teacher from the class page or teacher profile. For more information about Educate.Club and how to best use our service, check our Help Center.

The Educate.Club team is also available by chat, email and phone to answer questions about our service and help resolve any issues that come up.